Friday, October 23, 2009

prayers needed

this week has been a bit overwhelming.
there are several people in our lives that are going through medical crises.

my best friend blythe's dad was in the hospital and they believe he had a mini-stroke.
he's doing well and is back home, but now he has to figure out how to change his lifestyle and figure out why this all happened. i never heard blythe sound so scared.

my best friend growing up, kelly, her mother had an undiscovered brain annurism rupture. she is in the hospital, and after two surgeries, is slowing beginning the long journey back to her former self. her family is struggling to wrap their heads around everything. it's still so touch and go.

and again just today, a close friend's husband was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma.
he will meet with his oncologist next week and figure out a treatment plan.
he's only 39 years old. this afternoon, his entire life changed.

please say a little prayer for them.
prayers are powerful stuff.

and while you're at it...
give your kids a hug.
call your mom or your dad or your best friend.
tell your husband how much you appreciate them.
life is so precious--and fleeting.

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