Wednesday, October 28, 2009

parent-teacher conference

this afternoon i met with josh's 2nd grade teacher.
just the typical administrative-type meeting.

i met her at his classroom.
while she gathered up her paperwork, i looked at all the announcements written on the blackboard.
there were large, over-sized coins hanging on the wall. (they are practicing making change).
each desk had been wiped off and each chair had been placed on top.

mrs. davis sat opposite me at a small table in the corner of the classroom.
she started the meeting off by saying that josh is...
...quite silly.
...extremely goofy.

well, she got that one right.

eventually we talked about his academics.
she said he's made huge improvements since the beginning of the school year.
she said he's been helping some of the other kids with assignments when he gets his done.
he's helpful and sweet and kind to everyone.
he's become a awfully good reader and loves to go the library.
he's very well-behaved {but a little chatty}.
he's getting much better at working independently.
he loves structure and routine and likes having a plan.
he has made friends with a new student named jackson.
she calls him "osh kosh" and he has told her that he likes it when she calls him that.
overall, he's a wonderful student and a delight to have in her class.

after i left, i walked down the yellow tiled hallway filled with students' artwork and large pta signs.
i walked past anna's classroom and giggled at her little picture and handwritten note hanging on the door.
down past the bathrooms and cafeteria, and into the gym.
i picked up the kids from after-school care and gave them both big gigundous hugs.

somehow, even though we don't always have all the answers, john and i are making it work.
josh is developing into a wonderful young man.
i was so proud of him, i felt like squeezing him until he popped.

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nana said...

We are so proud of Josh too! Good job Josh! You managed to bring tears to my eyes once again! You know Nana and Poppy get so emotional. Anna we hope you're doing as well( we know you are). Love and kisses to all,Nana