Sunday, October 25, 2009

pumpkin carving party

saturday was our 5th annual pumpkin carving party.
the kids were so excited and wild all afternoon waiting for people to get here.
i don't know why but every year i wonder if anyone will actually come.
how ridiculous is that? this year i bet we had over 60 people!

brace yourself. i couldn't help but post a jillion pictures.

ben was so happy there was a buffet.
he walked by and grabbed a cookie every chance he got.

this year we even had another baby attend! sweetie david was all smiles (except for this pic!).

anna and her friend silvie were inseparable. these two are giggle monsters.

the stinson family came again. i guess we didn't scare them off last year.
but thankfully there wasn't another cade incident! :)

and the moores came again too. megan made the yummiest cheese soup and awesome sandwiches.

my officemate and legendary soul sista made an appearance and brought her son stephen.

ah yes, there she is!

our new favorite neighbors, the reeds, came too.
ben wants to hug drew every time he sees him. it's no wonder. look how cute he is!

uncle jay had this great idea to carve a pumpkin with darth vader on it. apparently he forgot last year's penn state lion head fiasco...

john and anna carved a simple kitty cat. she LOVED it!

ummm...still working on it....

josh didn't stop running around all night. i was lucky to snap this shot (orange sprayed hair and all).

the parker family has come every year i think. that's just awesome.

the big change we made this year was the addition of a pumpkin pinata.
the kids lined up and were FREAKING out excited!

we let the girls go first.

i love the next picture--look at the boys' faces. it cracks me up!

that pinata didn't stand a chance when the boys started in.

shortly after, it bust in two big pieces. the kids looked like chickens pecking all over the ground for candy.


after all was said and done, it was a great success.
i wanted to take so many more pictures, but john and i took turns chasing ben everywhere.
he had the time of his life. i think all the kids did.
at the end of the night, when it was getting dark, i grabbed my friend cathy and she snapped a family picture.
i'm so very happy that i remembered.

so, i bet you're wondering... did uncle jay ever finish the darth vader pumpkin?
you betcha. he came back today and finished this afternoon.

this past week i kept complaining to john about having this party.
it's a lot of work planning for everything.
it's a lot of work setting up everything and getting the yard ready.
it's a lot of work. period.
but it was also a lot of fun!

a big thanks to everyone who came and helped us continue our tradition.
we enjoyed every minute of it.
happy fall y'all.


nana said...

What fun time you all had! Maybe next year we'll be there to have fun too! Ben, Anna, and Josh looked like they had a blast---everyone did!!!! Miss all of you! Love to all, Nana

meg duerksen said...

that looks like so much fun! a lot of work yes but great memories for everyone. so cool.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful family (so good of you to remember to have someone take a family picture!). We're hosting a Halloween party this weekend and I'm feeling the same...lots of work, but should be lots of fun.