Sunday, December 20, 2009


~anna was climbing out of the bathtub and out of the blue said, "it's a good thing we live on a planet that has pigs. if we didn't, we'd never have bacon!"

~ben now tries imitating every animal sound in his animal book. ask him what a lion or tiger says and he roars at you!

~i told josh to get dressed for the day yesterday. he came downstairs wearing shorts and tee shirt. it was 40 degrees outside!

~the kids beg every single night to open a Christmas present. anna told me tonight, "we can pretend it's a celebration!"

~john made breakfast this morning: fried eggs, hashbrown potatos and "bacon." the "bacon" was really some hotdogs he sliced up to trick the kids. he told them it was european bacon. and they DEVOURED it.

ok, that's it.

shopping's 100% done.
wrapping's 99% done.
the house is 100% a mess!

lots to do. nana and pop get here on wednesday!

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nana said...

John has picked up on your tricks! Good one with the bacon! Can't wait to see all of you! We'll be leaving in the morning,God willing!Love to all,Nana