Tuesday, December 22, 2009

little bits of christmas...

...are popping up all over the house.

especially in the kitchen where the little projects just keep a-comin'.

the neighbors gifts this year:

bottles of wine, with funny christmas labels from the dollar store.

ben's teachers and therapists' gifts:

cookbooks with dish towels, spatulas, sprigs of boxwood from the front yard and a candy cane.

the other many teachers at ben's school that are so special to him:

little baggies with chocolate-dipped marshmallows, cocoa and a chocolate mint candy cane.

just for fun:

pretzels with melted hershey kisses and m and m's.
(anna pretty much made these on her own!)

tomorrow my parents are making the drive down and the house will be rockin.
my goal this christmas is to try and embrace the chaos that will ensue upon their arrival.
embrace the overwhelming noise and mess.

and in it,
listen for the laughter,
look for the smiles,
memorize the feeling,
embrace the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT that will be in the air.

sounds like a plan, stan.

1 comment:

KMc said...

PLEASE post recipes/directions for those cute goodies! I'd love to make both for my son's class. :)

I just love your creative gifts!