Monday, April 19, 2010

10 things you probably don't know about me

1) my middle name is really michele, with only one l. when i got married, i did the proper southern thing and made my maiden name my new middle name. so legally, there's no more michele.

2) at one time in my life i could run a mile in under seven minutes. and i was once the captain of my high school varsity field hockey team.

3) i have an unhealthy relationship/obsession with nutella. it's one of my most favorite things to eat, especially with publix brand vanilla wafers.

4) i do not let any of my children sleep with me, ever. john and i made that a rule before we had kids. one exception is when they are sick, but even then, it's only until they fall asleep and then we carry them to their own beds.

5) i love paper products. of all kinds. i can easily get daydreamy looking at stationary and specialty papers and even adorable birthday and baby shower napkins and plates. i know, it's weird. the cute notepad below is from sarah&abraham.

6) even though i have a lot of friends, i am sometimes a very lonely person.

7) i work for nasa AND i wear jeans and flipflops to work every day. it's awesome.

8) i'm still not sure whether i will have another baby someday. i really would love to but i have my hands full already. deep down, there is that desire though, so i can't say 'never again' just yet. john and i always dreamed of a big family...and no i'm not preggers so don't ask.

9) when i am alone in my car, i am a great singer.

10) i am so blessed to have this crazy life. but you knew that one didn't you?

did you think this fun or were you like, "just get on with the pictures of the kids already?"


...Nancy said...

loved it, thanks for sharing....

Amanda said...

Definitely fun. Thank you!

Kylie Mc said...

i luv these...and btw, my family and i r huge nutella fans too, the crazy thing is i did not discover nutella until i moved to saudi, crazy, right? :)

Lisa said...

Loved it

Kelli said...

I thought it was fun! It's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Impressed with the field hockey thing... excited there might be another Jupin baby one day....and ready to try nutella (I have heard several comments now about it). Thanks for sharing!


Harmony said...

I loved it. I am addicted to your blog like you are people I don't even know. :) I aspire to have a blog like yours someday!! BTW, if you like Nutella-you must try the dark chocolate peanut butter they sell at wal-mart, love that you might have a fourth-I really, really wanted a fourth-Jim said no. :(