Sunday, April 18, 2010

someday he'll make a great husband

we have a little alcove at the top of our stairs that we have made into an art area for the kids.
i usually find anna here every afternoon, drawing, coloring, creating.
this afternoon ben decided to hang out too though he was busy in his little kitchen.

the light was streaming in the big window and there were shadows everywhere.
ben seemed so happy playing in the sunlight, taking dishes out of the microwave and cooking a meal with his plastic hand-me-down playfood.

all the while, he jibberjabbered.

he cooking and stirred and giggled.

food went in the microwave, out of the microwave.
in the oven, in the fridge, in the sink.
little plates were stacked and unstacked.

and the late afternoon sunlight was warm and comforting and made everything feel so homey.
it felt so nice to bask in it.

ben played for over an hour, all the while entertaining himself and keeping busy.
culinary masterpieces take time after all.

at one point, anna looked over and realized that ben was hard at work.
i saw her noticing and told her that ben was making us a nice dinner.

"someday he'll make a great husband, mommy, " she said so sincerely.

and just like that, i was utterly grateful for this very moment.

sometimes our children can be the greatest reminder that every day is a gift.

this is my life.


Kelli said...

I got teary from this post...what a great life moment!!

Kylie Mc said...

adorable! awesome quote, too!