Sunday, January 23, 2011

quick reminder.

just wanted to jot these things down before i forget today.

ben did an awesome job practicing drawing lines and circles today!
he traced my lines and then copied some on his own too.
and he said 'circle' as he drew. that was like the cherry on top!

josh has been practicing with his heeley's all weekend.
he's getting much better but he gets so frustrated.
i hope he doesn't give up trying to learn how to skate with them on. he's so close.

anna was a handful today.
she's so sassy and back talks all the time.
i think part of her behavior comes directly from us--i think we treat her like she's the same age as josh--and expect her to be able to think and do as he does.
i think we sometimes forget just how little she still is.
and we need to continue to treat her as such.

ok, i think that's it.
back to the laundry room.


meg duerksen said...

her little hair cut is so cute!

i do the same thing to talby....she acts so big so i treat her big. until she acts small and does something age appropriate and i think "why did she do that?" oh yeah...cause she's 9.


Angie B said...

Where did you get the light fixture hanging over your island? Love it!

AshleyAnn said...

I love those first two pictures...the light coming in is just beautiful for the moments captured.

And...I agree with Meg - super cute hair she has!