Sunday, December 18, 2011

anonymous comment.

tonight i received an anonymous comment here on my blog.
a person visited our page intending to donate to our adoption fund.
she read a post about how my husband and i decided to punish our oldest, typically-developing child for lying to us by making him spend the night in his room without tv, video games, computer time, etc.
because of that decision, she decided we were unworthy of a donation.


i have sat down and written a response to this no less than three times, but the more i write, the less i feel the need to explain.

my husband and i know the whole story and WE decided on his punishment.
it is our job to raise him how we see fit--not necessarily how others, who do not know anything about us or about him, see fit.

and while i appreciate the honesty, i do not appreciate the anonymous comment.

thank you for the consideration.
we do appreciate each and every dollar donated.

next time though, please feel free to email me directly (click on the email me button over yonder -->) and i'll be happy to discuss my child's pre-teen behavioral issues with you in detail.

now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to pray, long and hard, for the curse words in my head to go away...


meg duerksen said...

why do people do that?????
if you want to say something online that is not nice....have the decency to use your name.
I'm sorry amy.
there is an excellent country song with the chorus "God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy"

so true.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Wow.I just read that. That really should have been left via private email and not in that cowardly way.
I've been sent to my room for punishment and I'm no worse for the wear.So have my kids and they are doing just fine and know we love them very much.

I'm so sorry this person made you feel this way.

Kate said... hurtful. I have to say that when I read your post about Josh lying it felt familiar. Our oldest daughter has been caught in this same situation. And our punishment for her was very similar. Your post made me feel like....."Wow I like this family more all the time." I think parents should always stand firm while inforcing punishment with our children. It hurts us to have to do it but "we" all benefit in the end. A child sitting in their room to think about their wrong decisions for an evening seems only fair after lying if you ask me. There are parents out there who physically harm their children for doing what your son did. They yell profanity in their childs face, threaten them and try to "scare" them from ever lying again. It sounds to me like "Anonymous" will someday have a child who will run them over if "Anonymous" has children. And aside from that if they did not agree with how you delt with your situation they needed to just move onto another blog. The fact that they had to leave a comment about not donating money to help bring a truly neglected child home to a loving Christian family is beyond me. "Anonymous" needs to know that they have done a serious diservice to sweet Davis. You don't deserve to be attacked. Apparantly they are struggling an inner least in my opinion. I think you are great and I have never read anything on your blog that has led to me believe you are anything but a wonderful loving Godly mother and wife. I am sorry some people have to be so darn mean...especially during such a joyous season.

Patti said...

what a dork. Anonymous, not you. Puh-leeeze. Maybe if more people set boundaries and consequences for their kids there would be less Anonymous dorks in the world.

Suzette said...

You never need to explain yourself! Your children--your business! I wish people would only offer advice/criticism when asked. Thank you for your honesty. I bet Anonymous doesn't share his/her life so candidly!

Molly said...

I think that sounds like a fair punishment. I wish more parents had high expectations for their children!! It's not unrealistic to expect a child to NOT LIE. Especially as they get older and the stakes get higher!

Molly said...

ok, I just donated!

Kimberlee said...

Not nice.
I am sorry.
If I lived close I'd come over.

Lora said...

Wow, she would think I was a TERRIBLE parent then! My 12 year old was grounded for nearly 2 months for lying about a school project that nearly made him fail english. No tv, no video games, no friends over until he successfully completed the next project.....which wasn't assigned for almost two months.

I'm sure that person doesn't have any pre-teens. Its easy to judge from the outside.

stephanie said...

I just want to say that you are an awesome parent and your kids are so fortunate to have you.

Chelsea said...

Yeah, that's pretty yucky how they decided to go about that. You're the parents, end of story. It's a new day, just let it go and move forward with your beautiful family! I love reading your blog, thank you for sharing.

Sadie said...

I don't understand why someone would put that out there for the public. Please know I am pretty sure that most people believe you did the right thing, and if not, they should leave their comment to themselves. That was just rude. The comment itself was rude and then to not even donate b/c of that?!?! WRONG. (((HUGS))) I love your blog and the woman you are!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

people are cahrazy!!
first of all, how else would you punish a child for lying??? and second, why on God's green earth would you write a comment on it? i have a rule on my little anonymous comments. if i'm willing to put my face with my words then i think a commenter can do the same, so i turned mine off.

p.s. you are a great mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi- I too leave anonymous comments(having no blog) but I have also emailed you ;)sometimes I leave my name sometimes I think who cares what my name is ;0. I think who ever this person was should not have commented at all. It really is none of her business!! much less leave a mean comment..So sorry for that!!! I do appreciate all that you share on your blog!

Kim York

Jason & Jaime Kelley said...

So sorry Amy~ she made no sense at all, really! Don't let it bother you for another moment, that particular post you wrote about your oldest really encouraged me, as a matter of fact!! You're a great mom and you inspire me.

jeana said...

I'm so sorry about that comment! I'm not sure why people see it THEIR place to discourage others. There is nothing wrong in correcting a child's behavior...more people should try it ;)

Carolyn said...

As a Speech Pathologist I would much rather work with parents who teach their child that bad decisions and bad behavior results in consequences then with the ones who coddle and defend their child when the child has lied, cheated, taunted others etc. your children will grow and develop into being kind, caring, moral adults...while theirs will most likely end up in poor relationships because they are unable to see that all behaviors, good and bad, have consequences.

I guess my husband (a special ed teacher) and I would be yelled out by that poster too because as a house rule our daughters didn't take laptops to their rooms, cell phones were left in our room as they went to bed. Our one television was in the family room. Both are now college grads and one is a teacher finishing her M.A.