Thursday, December 15, 2011

just some thoughts tonight.

10 days til christmas.
going through my phone to see what's been catching my eye lately.

our christmas tree.
anna's new nightgown.
scribbling down some thoughts in carline.
stocking up on cookie mix to make julie's awesome cookies.

finally, some sunshine.
awesome finds at the g-dub.
sleepy ben boy.
homemade tuscan bean soup with spinach and sausage.


ben is almost completely potty trained.
he does sooo good during the day but he's not ready for night time just yet.
but he is getting there!
as with everything else with down syndrome, it is happening in ben's own time.
another lesson in patience.

anna's new nightgown is from the etsy shop, the baby duck.
i convoed the seller and she graciously did a custom order for me.
i can't say enough about the quality and sweetness of this nightgown!
i'm pretty sure she couldn't make you one by christmas, but wouldn't these be great bday or valentine's day gifts?
trust me, remember this shop. it is adorable.

josh got in big, big trouble tonight.
he lied to me and then continued to build a wild story to cover up his lie.
that is one thing i just can't handle.
so he is grounded for two days.
and he just might be raking the entire back yard this weekend too.
he laid in his bedroom tonight, in the dark, so filled with sadness.
i almost gave in and let him come downstairs with all of us, but i knew i had to stay strong.
it's my job to teach him.
it's so hard to follow through, isn't it?


i just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and prayers.
i don't think my friend ever knew how much he inspired others and how much people thought of him as a person.
i think that's why his death hit home so much.
but it is getting better.
slowly but surely.
i hope y'all know how much i appreciate all of you for taking the time to comment and send me a note.
it really meant so much.


Anonymous said...

I followed Julie's directions too and bought all the snickerdoodles. We should have a party!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I should write this, but here goes. I was going to donate to your adoption fund as part of my daughter's Christmas present, and decided to read more about your family. It absolutely broke my heart that your son was sad and alone in his room, upset that he had done wrong. I don't understand what you intended him to teach him by leaving him alone with big, ugly emotions of disappointment and sadness. That he's only lovable and worthy of your comfort when he hasn't let you down? Lying is wrong, yes, and our children need to learn as much. But I just can't grasp what isolating your obviously sad and upset child was supposed to accomplish. So I'm not donating. I'm sorry.

Carla P from Texas said...

I would really love to know how "Anonymouse" would have handled your sons lying! You did exactly what I would have done. Amazing that we wonder what's wrong with youth now days, isn't it?