Thursday, December 8, 2011

dinner and joseph.

the kiddos have been really, really good.
sure there have been lots of arguing and picking on each other, but they are so excited for christmas, i think they could burst.

{eating dinner together. ahem.}

plus our elf, joseph, has returned and has been keeping them on their toes.
i just wish he would quit with all the stunts he pulls.

the other morning we found him under the tree like this.
(pinterest has been outstanding at giving us ideas!)

the kids believe in all the christmas magic and i'm so grateful.
the elf, santa, mailing letters to the north pole, reindeer, all of it.
there have been many questions this year about what so-and-so said at school and what they have heard from their friends.
thankfully the magic is still strong and sparkly, and neatly wrapped in the kiddos' wide, bright eyes.
it makes me sad to thank it's not like that for all young children.

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