Sunday, April 1, 2012

sicky boy and some cleaning.

it's a glorious sunday morning.
the older children are still in bed snoozing and john is asleep on the couch.
ben is playing fruit ninja on the ipad and i'm sipping coffee in the next chair over.
this morning i am most grateful for the slower paced and much needed weekend.

yesterday ben came down with a fever.
he fell asleep on the couch and took a longgggg nap.
when he woke up, he had an accident.
then a little bit later, he threw up.
both happened while he was still laying on the couch.
and while john was cleaning out the garage and i was cleaning out the craft/computer room.
poor sweet baby!

so we are down two couch cushions and two slipcovers.
we flipped the back cushions down so they could be bottom cushions and made due.
late last night ben was feeling much better.
and this morning he seems ok too.
fingers crossed we don't lose the back cushions too.
we need our sofa!
and we need a healthy ben boy!

while ben was napping, i was busy cleaning out the craft/computer room.
the computer side of the room is still a mess--that's john's stuff that i just don't dare touch.
the craft side however, is looking so much better!
remember a while ago when i bought this old dresser on craigslist?
well, i loved it for all the storage options it provided and thought maybe i could use the top to cut fabric.
turns out it was way too narrow for what i needed.
so yesterday i had this idea to swap my desk and the dresser and put these cheapy walmart shelves on top for more storage.
i have a LOT of little crafty supplies and they were not organized at all.
now they all have a home and it works.

not too bad for a free redesign!
i definitely need to figure out a better solution for storing the things i sell in the etsy shop, but for now, this is working out just fine.

anyways, today i have to do some massive amounts of laundry and get this boy of mine well again.
and, it is april 1st!
i have to trick the kids some how--well, before they figure out what day it is!

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