Tuesday, May 8, 2012

treading water.

life has been very busy.
i am trying my best to stay afloat.
end of the year activities at school, sports, deadlines at work...they are eating my lunch.
blogging has fallen to the bottom of the long list, and really, i am sorry for that.
my blog is where i document all the details of our lives.
and i don't want to forget the things that are happening now--it's those little things that i love re-reading later!

so i hit up the camera memory card again.
what kinds of things have we been up to?

well, for starters, we sold ALL of josh's bedroom furniture!
we listed it on craigs list, on a whim, and in a blink it was gone.
now we are scrambling to decide what to do...what color should we paint the walls, what furniture should we buy, where is josh going to sleep for now??!?
we even sold his mattresses!

i am trying to decorate realistically and with a small budget in mind, trying to reuse what we have already and not spend any more than we got for his furniture.
it is proving to be tough to do that!

i have been doing some little crafts here and there to keep myself busy.
like these placemats for instance.

i found the placemats for a couple of dollars at a discount store but wanted to do something fun with them.
i decided to stencil the children's names on each one and they turned out so cute.
i may try to do a bigger stencil on the other side--i think it needs to be just a bit bigger.
but still, so cute and easy and cured my crafting bug for the day.

yesterday was ben's preschool graduation and the teachers did a great job at putting on a show for us.
ben actually stayed on stage the entire time and seemed like he enjoyed himself!
ben goes to a preschool that has children of all abilities so it is a real challenge for the teachers to keep the kids involved and together as one group.
it was a real success all around!

my baby boy is going to kindergarten next year.
we have decided to put him in a developmental kindergarten and to take our time with school.
there's no rush and he needs the one on one time that he will receive there.
i could write lots and lots more about that but i have to run.
maybe the decision process deserves its own post anyway!


ckbrylliant said...

YES! The decision process deserves its own post. We have three years until that time so it can wait!!! We will be making a decision in the next 6 months about pre-k as we lose in home services the day she turns three.

Laura said...

I am with you.
end of the year stuff keeps us stupid BUSY.
I am SO behind...
blogging things that happened days ago...so off track...



I just ate a piece of Luke's birthday cake just to stay awake
eating to stay awake...I HATE that
(and I will blog about his 6th birthday, most likely when he is 7, at the rate I am at)

hang in there
wait...you need to stop by my blog! a great give away! and I want you to win!!!!

ben is too cute, by the way
I sort of love your family

Amber said...

Yay for Ben! He looks like such a big kid standing up there!

It also made me happy to see Davis' name on that placemat--I hope that means that things are looking up.