Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the fair 2012.

it's become a tradition now to go the country living fair every year.
for the past few years, we've gone to atlanta but this year we all wanted to go back to ohio.
so a couple of weeks ago i booked us all a hotel room and bought tickets!
my mom and i excitedly drove up this past thursday.

we had a few things sorta go wrong this year: aunt pat had a food allergy the first night at dinner and then she didn't feel well the rest of the trip. :(
the weather the first day was forecasted to be cool but instead it was crazy hot so we were all sweaty and gross (instead of cute and trendy-ha!).
and really, to be completely honest, the stuff just wasn't as good as it's been in years past.

now, that being all said, we all found a few special treasures and we all had a grand ol' time.
i guess we just didn't think that some of our best laughter would come when we were all in bed in the hotel by 7:30pm! 
these women are my family, my best friends, my kindred spirits.
i just love them.
and i love how comfortable and relaxed and real i can be when i'm with them--it's such a great stress reliever!

anyways, it was a boatload of fun and i can't wait to go again next year.
but i think we'll be back in atlanta.
and the laughter will continue...

a few phone pics to give you an idea of what the fair is all about.
good stuff.
great memories.


{cuppakim} said...

this fair looks delicious.
and i'm not just talking about the pies a la mode (HEAVENLY).

all of it.
what a fun tradition to have.

Kate Eschbach said...

Oh how cute! Love this tradition. I may need to be adopted next year :)

Caudill Clan said...

love this!! looks like it was fun...hoping to find something like this in so cal!

meg duerksen said...

you look good girl!!
is it that there wasn't as good of stuff.....or have you been spoiled by the kansas barn????

Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun! Let's make a deal, you come to WA for Farm
Chicks and I'll go to Atlanta with you...sound like a plan?;)