Thursday, October 4, 2012

craft show / preview four.

the countdown is almost over.
only one more day until the madison street festival is here!

one project i worked on a lonnnnng time ago were tray chalkboards.
i found some old ugly tole trays at the thrift store.
and then i found some more on etsy.
they looked sorta like this but yuckier:

Vintage Red Litho Metal Tole Tray Yellow Roses 9x14

some had pretty-colored edges but grandma flowers in the middle (and not pretty grandma flowers either).
some were just beat up and ugly all over.
like this:

4 Square Retro Serving Trays Vintage

the trays that had pretty colors on the edges i just painted with chalkboard paint in the middle and left the edge the original color.
the other ones i spray painted first and then painted the middle with chalkboard paint.

anna and i found some cool stickers at michael's to spell out 'notes' or 'to do'.
she told me i couldn't go wrong with adding a little bling.

then we hot-glued buttons to the top of some small round magnets.
since the trays are metal, they can also hold a pretty picture or business or appointment card or two.

i kinda sorta really truly like them.
a lot.

anna does too.
and yes, a hot pink one will be hung in her room soon!


Lindsay said...

Love the trays!!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

you are killing me with these peaks.
sooo much cuteness that i can't get my hands on.

those trays are going to sell soooo well. they are fantastic!

meg duerksen said...