Wednesday, October 3, 2012

craft show / preview three.

continuing with the previews.  saturday is the big craft show!
you can see the other previews here and here.

inspired by a door hanger/pouch/flower holder thingy my mom bought at the country living fair...
i found a few old bank coin bags at a local junk shop.
i loved the typography and size of them.
good for filling with evergreens or dried flowers.

i made straps out of upholstery webbing (from the wal-marts) by folding it in half lengthwise and sewing a straight stitch the length of the strap.
i folded down the sides of the bags so the rough edges showed and sewed the straps to the sides.
(sorry for the lack of pictures.  i was a woman on a mission that day--no time for pics).

i cut some hydrangeas from my yard and john cut some cotton branches from a nearby field.
my mom and i made some arrangements so folks can get an idea what they can look like.

my mom also made some by attaching the bags to old porch spindles!
she even sewed her own pouches out of an old paint drop cloth.

any type of bag will do, even an old tote bag would work great.

it was getting dark out when i took these pics but you get the idea.
wouldn't these be pretty filled with branches and bittersweet vine?
yep, that's exactly what i'm going to do.

maybe i need to keep one for myself.

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Kate Eschbach said...

Oh cute! I would TOTALLY buy one.