Tuesday, October 30, 2012

we held hands.

i sat down at the end of the sofa.
ben was sitting on the opposite end, playing with his ipad.
i had my computer on my lap, checking work emails and catching up on the afternoon's happenings.
there were three or four pillows piled in between us but i noticed ben looking at me out of the corner of his eye.
i stretched my hand across the pillows and he reached his out almost instantly.
we held hands there for a second or two, and then in one quick, swift motion, he was climbing over the pillows and slid right down next to me.
i smiled at him and he smiled at me and leaned his head back into my chest.
i wrapped my arm around him and gave him a squeeze.
he felt so soft and his hair smelled like watermelon, and i held back tears as i thanked God over and over and over for giving me this little boy.


Kate Eschbach said...

You are beautiful.

Katie said...

Ben likes to hold hands too. In fact, he likes to hold your wrist, as if he is checking your pulse, and he sucks his two fingers for comfort. Such sweet moments.

hannah singer said...

beauty. praise jesus for giving us who and what we need. exactly. xo