Friday, October 26, 2012


i had every intention of blogging about josh's camp trip but then i couldn't find the pictures on my computer.
then i realized that some network stuff on my computer was hosed up.
then i realized that i couldn't get to the folder where all my pictures are.
then....well, it's a mess.
and i'm hoping john can fix it soon.

in the meantime, both josh and i have come down with the sickies.
poor josh stayed up all night long coughing and feeling yucky.
finally, at like 4:30 am, he walked down to our room and curled up on the floor next to my bed.
i asked him what was wrong and if he was alright, and all he could say was, "please help me."

i made him a cup of hot water with lemon juice and honey in it.
it soothed his throat and cough long enough for him to finally get a few hours of rest.
we took him to the doctor this morning and now he's on antibiotics and bedrest.
he looks so pitiful.
i'm still not well, but i feel great compared to him.
my poor little man.

let's see, what else is new?
ah yes, the adoption.
the good news is, davis' family members signed the consents!
the bad news is, his name was misspelled (or not fully written out/hard to tell with the translation) and they will each need to be resigned.
i know.
it's insane.
it's unbelievable.
it is.
but we are still making progress and because of that, we celebrate each and every step.

on top of that news, we are now required to take some very costly training prior to court--the cost just keeps adding up. 
so, we are planned another fundraiser for our adoption.

lots of gracious friends are donating items that YOU will have a chance to win.
if you would like to donate something, please email me!
we will gratefully accept any and all.
and if you have any great ideas of things you would like to win, please let me know that too.
we want this to be fun and full of enticing, lovely items!

well i guess that's it for today.
josh needs some tissues and my stomach is growling.
plus, i'm out of coffee.
time to refuel and rest.
and stock up on lysol.

hope your weekend is wonderful.

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