Sunday, October 21, 2012

slow down.

man, it just seems to buzz by at the speed of light, doesn't it?
i mean, surely it was just friday.
and now here i sit, in the last few hours of sunday, with my halloween lights on outside and the steelers playing on tv next to me...and i seriously could swear it was just the fourth of july.

and we are all so busy.
school work,
house repairs,
field trips,
birthday parties,
dress up like this on this day and this on this day and come have lunch at school and bring a special snack and don't forget to send in this or that...................




even tonight josh was lamenting the fact that tomorrow was the beginning of another long and busy week.
he's only 10 years old but he feels it too, the need for an escape from the every day, the full-speed-ahead that we fill our lives with.

this week i'm going to play catch up here on the blog.
all the stuff that needs to be documented for us.
up first, josh's big field trip to sleepaway camp.
yep, sleepaway camp. cue the eerie halloween music!

everyone survived, including john.

1 comment:

hannah singer said...

preach it. slow down, all of it!
praying the rest of your week is full of joy in the midst of the going. love ya! xo