Tuesday, July 26, 2011

online snapshops class.

i have been following ashley ann's photography blog for years.
and when i went to kansas back in january, i had the unique opportunity to meet the real deal, the actual person.

(i stole this pic of ashley and her friend cindy from meg's blog. thanks meg!)

and she was just as sweet and kind and cordial and funny and nice and REAL in person as she is on her blog.
she once was a bustling photographer who has settled into a full-time position as a busy mom of four, her happiest job to date.

ashley has this way of breaking down photography in ways that make sense to me and i read her blog every single day, hoping to glean little tidbits here and there.

she has been hinting at an online class...and it went live yesterday!
i was stunned to see that it is only $150.
i've done my research--other photogs are charge three and four times as much!
all the courseware is available to you as soon as you sign up and you work at your own pace.
perfect for busy moms like me!
i can't wait to get started.

hop on over and sign up now!
hurry before it fills up!!!

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AshleyAnn said...

Thank you Amy for the super nice words and shout out...you're a great friend.